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This site was designed to be a metaphor for the proper and ethical treatment of humans as well as animals. Jax’s goal is to teach young people how to properly treat each other and their pets.

Jax is a cat who was born in the wild. He is tough but compassionate. He resembles a tiger. Jax wears his heart on his sleeve.  He attended the School of Hard Knox. This will be displayed on his Facebook page. Jax is best friends with Oscar. The 2 hang out along and on the fence in the alley. Jax wears his heart on his sleeve (image will always be displayed on his arm).  Jax is the “leader” of the crew, so to speak. He uses these phrases: “It doesn’t matter where your heart is, it is only important that you have one” and He refers to his friends as “what a crew!” or perhaps “what a constellation!”